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We have support the primary activity of heavy duty metalwork fabrication together with the study and design of new machinery.

We have paid attention to the most varied demands while searching for original solutions in the industrial automation sector.

Tenacity and experience allow us to deal with new market challenges; knowledge and industrial flexibility allow us to also manufacture custom-designed machinery.

A daily commitment meeting specific needs related to the individual project in an updated way.

Our customizations


Customized dimensions in relation to device space and allocation into the available space


The study of components realized in collaboration with our selected partners


Study and construction of special products for special sectors (pharmaceutical, industrial, aerospace, etc.).


The most representative customizations have seen the construction of:

  • suction devices for mobile operating rooms;
  • special products for the aerospace industry

How we work

Thanks to an integrated approach that combines the best equipment with advanced customization technical solutions, we found the latest technologies with our on-site experience to create efficient and flexible machinery.

We also support our customers during the after-sales process with a wide range of spare parts availability and technical consulting from our team meeting every need immediately.

In Italy and abroad, we offer the following:

  • spare parts service
  • manualistica tecnica
  • formazione sul corretto funzionamento
  • assistenza tecnica in teleassistenza
  • interventi in loco

The dynamic nature of Co.mec. Solutions has enabled us to design and produce complete end-of-line machinery solutions designed to meet all of the productivity needs and product features.
Today, the company’s production capacity allows us to be a speaker for companies of all sizes for the food, wine, and beverage and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors as well as the typically canned goods.

Customers’ valuations

We are constantly working with the leading companies of the filling sector to which we supply packaging machinery. Here, you can read some of the valuations.