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Loading and unloading line


We produce machinery for loading and unloading products that can operate with every kind of container, thereby ensuring accuracy and reliability.
Customization is the company’s key strength that allows us to minimize the overall dimensions and to design a solution in line with every need.
We focus on manufacturing machines that can simplify operations, thereby ensuring flexibility and speed during changing sizes that are automatically carried out via keyboard or minimizing the manual adjustments.

Case packers & Monoblock


We design packaging complete solutions that can automate case packaging procedures into carton boxes or cases with or without dividers.
Reliable and solid case packers lines can be customized, depending on the processing, and they provide manufacturing flexibility in compliance with the quality and hygiene standards.
Machinery can be electronically set up to ensure the maximum production cycle performance and the operation parameters control at any time.

Heat shrink machine


High quality standards and the result’s quality along with easy to use and high customization have made Co.mec.’s heat shrink machine line a smart solution to satisfy the strictest demands.