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Case packers line

Case packers

Case packers are Co.mec’s solution for automating case packaging procedures into carton boxes or cases with or without dividers for end-of-line packaging.

They are designed to receive containers from the filling line, pick them up in programmed quantities, and introduce them with caution into cases or boxes with a medium controlled speed.

These machines are ideal for the food, beverages, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industry and wherever machinery with great reliability is necessary in accordance with the quality and hygiene standards.

All of the machinery has a solid, robust, and reliable structure and can be customized following every possible production need.

Compact dimensions and customization versatility (up to 5 gripping heads with a Cartesian axis handling system) allow for a simple adaptation to the most varied working needs.

All of the Co.mec. Solutions’ case packer versions could also be realized in an opposite version with an unpacking function for bottles, cylindrical packaging, small cups, aseptic bags, or the most varied general containers.

All of the models are equipped with advanced technological solutions and programmable equipment by a single operator to optimize the production processes and to control the operating parameters at any time.

General features

    • Case packer with orthogonal axes heads
    • Packaging conveyor belts
    • Conveyor belts for packages (bottles, etc…)
    • Controller and commander programmable electronic equipment


  • Multi-format gripping heads
  • Gripping heads for special products

Product sectors


Flexibility: 85%
Operability: 96%
Customization: 60%

customized modular system

ideal for die-cut packaging

modular components

Operating case packers