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Metallic Carpentry Made i Italy

Comec Solutions

Co.mec. Solutions is a family business founded in 1988 in the Province of Verona with the desire to build a business model that would integrate ideas, people, and technologies serving the heavy duty metalwork fabrication.

During the business evolution, we have supported the primary activity together with the study, design, and construction of new machinery.
Today, we are known for absolute customization, and this contributes to defining us as a tailor-made metalwork fabrication company due to the customized design and construction of each machine and automation system.
We have maintained a family business where in every employee is a knowledgeable expert and partner for business development, supporting independence, initiative and team collaboration.

We are a young company with competence based on our manufacturing history, a new open vision on the innovation that allowed us to undertake new technologies development and new markets, and it has simplified the creation of a high quality international network with which innovative business is developed.


Maturity and competence allow us to plan new solutions every day


We revolutionize each machine to offer high-performance tools that are ideal for every kind of end-of-line production.


All of the machine processes and dimensions are specially-made to solve every possible need.

Activity Sectors
  • Food industry
  • Beverages, wine, and drinks
  • Cosmetic, chemical, and pharma industry
  • Graphic-paper industry
  • Material handling equipment
  • Warehouse automation
  • Glass
  • Plastic, PET, PPT
  • Tins & CansSoft and special packaging
Packaging type
  • Closed carton box TrayAmerican cases
  • Tray
  • American cases

We are a tailor-made heavy-duty metalwork fabrication company: every machine and system is designed and customized.



Our machines

Consulting & Planning

We design customized products, ensuring uniqueness in the details. We also produce custom-designed machines providing a professional comparison on feasibility.

Production & Installation

We use only top quality materials in our production, previously subjected to strict checks and meticulous tests thereby ensuring an efficient and functional product

Testing & Support

All of our one year warranty systems are produced in compliance with the safety regulations and environmental protection and 24 h remote support is provided.